Turning Film On End

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“Mend My Broken Heart”

“Heartbeat of a Playhouse”


The Art of Visual Storytelling

The art of visual storytelling is a wonderful journey. It combines the elements of identification, capturing and communicating. The identification process is where investigative journalism is challenged and explored. The wonder of discovery starts to breathe while hidden gems are unearthed and where glorious moments emerge. The capturing process is filled with exuberance.  A place where lives are illuminated, hearts are stimulated and souls are healed. This illumination process often enhances and guides our identified story into something truly magnificent. Where the ordinary becomes the art of extraordinary. The communication process is filled with images, music, thoughts and art. It becomes a unique story, never to be relived or replaced. A true expression of the creator blended with the choices of the created. The result is a carefully designed masterpiece presented to the world as a precious gift.