Films and Services

Visual Web Marketing

This dynamic visual approach offers an organization a more compelling way to deliver stories and information through their website. This powerful medium engages viewers quicker and more effectively which increases the response time to decision making.

Curriculum Illustrations

Narrative storytelling is a powerful communication tool when used to illustrate training curriculum. These dramatic scenes help model, support and enhance the educational concepts so comprehension is increased.

Biographical Documentaries

A “BioDoc” is a visual storytelling journey that represents the essence of one’s life. This journey reveals our “hero’s” life arc and hidden experiences and projects this story outwardly as a gift to others.  What is your story?  It needs to be told!

Promotional Documentaries

These stories dynamically communicate the personality, mission, vision and voice of an organization. The goal of these mini documentaries are to give your audience an inside look of who you are, what you care about and why they should become your partner.

Presentation Starters

These dramatic and humorous short films are a great way to set up a discussion, training event or sermon. Visual learning is very important and sometimes it’s the one thing that the audience will remember.  In this current information visual age, humor or drama may be the best way to engage and reach an audience.

Identity Web Branding

Identity Web Branding is a new marketing approach utilizing the power of social media. This is a great way to develop and build your personal brand based on your knowledge and expertise within a particular industry. Branding yourself and gaining a following in your specialty niche is a very powerful tool that can propel your career and separate you from your competition.

Story/Marketing Consulting

Scriptwriter/Script Doctor

Structure development/scriptwriting and/or re-write scripts that are missing numerous key elements.

Film Director

Direct full length feature dramatic and documentary films.

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