Biographical Documentaries

A “BioDoc” is a visual storytelling journey that represents the essence of one’s life. This journey reveals our “hero’s” life arc and uncovers hidden personal experiences. This story is now presented as a gift to the world.  What is your story?

A Journey to Belong Trailer

The Adventure of Elvyra Locke is a dynamically told story of Elvyra Locke’s life. Elvyra shares with us stories from when she was displaced from her home in Lithuania during the Russian occupation in WWII all the way through her numerous adventures today. Her story is simply captivating! We told her story in a dynamic and creative manner, utilizing everything from historical photos, 8mm home films, personal photographs and VHS video along with originally arranged music and downloaded soundtracks. Just like Elvira’s, each person’s story is extraordinary and should to be documented for the world to enjoy.

Full Length Documentary

Our hero’s story is told with accuracy and with artistic integrity to best capture and represent the hero of our story. On what principles did they make their decisions? What aspects of life formed their character? Was it their career, friendships or faith? What was their greatest joy? Did they enjoy baking pies, fixing cars, playing baseball or gardening? If they could say anything to upcoming generations, what would it be?

A BioDoc is a broadcast quality documentary. The newest technology is used to capture, record, edit and deliver our hero’s personal documentary.

Digitally transferred media can be incorporated into the program including; photographs, VHS tape footage, audio and 8mm film clips. To capture the hero’s story, interviews are conducted with family members, friends and colleagues. Dramatic re-enactments, historical footage and favorite music can be incorporated to enhance and further customize your story.

The final program can be presented as a highlight video to be uploaded to Facebook or delivered as an 8 minute program that can be shown at a special event, birthday party, anniversary or delivered as a 30 minute documentary for private viewings.

The BioDoc is wonderful celebration of God’s handiwork to be shared with others. It’s the story of a life that will never fade away!