Scriptwriting/Script MD


The development of plots, subplots, dialog, image systems and driving a story forward is the craft of screenwriting. Will your story connect with it’s audience? What is the story “really” about? Will people care? Is the story being adapted from a book, a news paper article or a real life story?  What is the genre? My goal as a scriptwriter is to tell an engaging story that will move an audience so deeply that they begin to think.

Script MD

This is the process of taking a sick script and making it well. Is the first act connecting with the third act? Are the characters drawn poorly? Is the writer frozen and stuck without knowing where to turn? This may be the right time to have a Script MD come to your rescue and provide you with an unbiased perspective. I will ask you the hard questions and provide the right prescription to make your script healthy and ready to be produced. Make a call, the doctor is in!