Story/Marketing Consulting

Story Objective

The goal is to identify an organizations unique story and subsequent supporting stories. Organizations typically have one main story that communicates the overall mission, vision and purpose of the organization. Very often stories that are being told by organizations are incorrect or incomplete.

I combine my objective marketing knowledge and creative storytelling experiences with your subjective industry understanding to carefully uncover your unique story. I identify your unique story through research, interviews and careful evaluation of your current marketplace.

Identifying your Audience

I develop a thorough understanding of your audience and key objectives in reaching this audience. My goal is to understand their “buying” habits along with their preferred communication style. I’ve encountered organizations that are communicating the correct message to the correct audience using the wrong method.

Analyzing the Marketing Approach

I’ll evaluate current marketing approaches and future goals of the organization. Carefully analyzing your current marketing techniques as well as your personnel resources/expenditures. In short, I review objectives and forecast future marketing strategies suggesting changes when warranted.

Evaluate your Current Communication Vehicles

I will review your current communication vehicles to see if they match your unique story and audience. On completion of this process, I will make suggestions and recommendations on my findings. I will offer ideas on how you can better utilize the vehicles you are currently using along with new strategies that will enhance your current programs. These communication vehicles include visual storytelling through video, web and design.

Creative Fulfillment

In the creative fulfillment phase I carefully plan out your communication strategy. I evaluate this process on a regular basis as your organization grows and evolves. My goal is to partner with you to accomplish your objectives while being great stewards of God’s resources.